Vintage cut -
Reduced to the Max ©

With this new style to cut, we would like to honor the long history of gemstone cutting, from the 14th century to today.
Throughout the centuries, people have always tried to catch the mystery of a gemstone crystal. There have been many different ways, new patterns of facets, carving into the stone and mirror images.
Our aim was to combine yesterdays beauty and elegance and enhance it with todays high precision of faceting intensified by new mysterious colors in Tourmaline rough from light grey to dark brown hues.
This first success was followed by similar cuts in Peridot, Aquamarine, Rubellite and green Tourmalines as well as various colors of quartz.
We have softened the shapes during pre-shaping to rounded cushions, slightly elongated, pear shapes with soft tips, as well as ovals with
a distinctive long facet on each side.
The number of facets got reduced, the thickness remains at a minimum - the result a stone with a full reflection of light we honored by calling:


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